As a result of the ABC Dolphin Watch features on ABC television and online, in Victor Harbor in April 2018, we were contacted by journalist Geraldine Cardozo based in NSW for The Senior Newspaper   As many of their readers are retired and looking to volunteer, Dolphin Watch was viewed as a possible opportunity and as a result Mary-Anne Came – SA Journalist, kindly wrote a brilliant feature about the core business of the project in the July edition.

The focus was Seniors volunteering on boat based surveys on our Ecotourism partners Kangaroo Island Marine  Adventures and The Big Duck Boat Tours in Victor Harbor, plus many hours of land based monitoring in the region.

Dolphin Watch provides opportunities for a wide demographic to meet with a sense of combined enthusiasm for the task of gathering regional data and watching over dolphins and habitats in our waters.  There are myriad benefits to volunteers, particularly seniors, in terms of being in nature, feeling they are contributing and understanding that their efforts are valued, not just by local communities but by global Science and conservation communities.

The article has generated significant interest in our citizen led, data rich Citizen Science project and we are most grateful for the support. Thanks so much The Senior Newspaper! Volunteers of all ages, scientists and dolphins…..indeed a magical mix!

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“On Dolphin Watch”  July 2018

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KI Volunteers on survey at Dashwood Bay April 2018