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Kangaroo Island / Victor Harbor Dolphin Watch 

Around Kangaroo Island and the southern mainland of SA there are several types of dolphins. Little is known about them and their home range, making conservation efforts problematic.

Inaugural SA Citizen Science Awards – Winner of the Outstanding Engagement Award 2021

Randy Larcombe Film + Stills


Celebrating 10 years – 2015

Gary Bell – KI Digicam


What we do

Kangaroo Island / Victor Harbor Dolphin Watch is an award winning community volunteer project in partnership with Whale and Dolphin Conservation monitoring dolphin populations on Kangaroo Island since 2005 and Victor Harbor since 2011.

Developing understandings of custodianship of these fascinating creatures and habitats, dolphins are monitored unobtrusively, minimising impacts and behavioural change, collecting vital baseline data to globally inform practise.

Citizen Science in action – on Kangaroo Island and in Victor Harbor

Jan 2014 Dashwood Bay Peter Fuller (3)

Dashwood Bay dolphins – Peter Fuller

What you can do

Scientists and dedicated volunteers of all ages collaborate on effective “Citizen Science” in surveys on Eco Tourism vessels; Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures and The Big Duck Boat Tours, Victor Harbor.

Images and video footage are collected, identifying individual dolphins by distinctive dorsal fins and body markings. Vital data is recorded on movements and habitats, creating a sustainable, longitudinal study of extraordinary international significance.

2 KI Volunteers 10th Birthday Survey Mar 2016 Peter Fuller

10th Birthday Survey, Dashwood Bay – KI Peter Fuller