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-- Australian billionaire butcher Equinor's plan

Google translation of Norwegian story - www.hegnar.no/Nyheter/Boers-finans/2019/03/Australsk-milliardaer-slakter-Equinors-plan?r=refresh

-- Australian billionaire butcher Equinor's plan

Google Translation below

He has been steeped in mining. Nevertheless, Andrew Forrest believes that Equinor's drilling plans in the Australian Gulf constitute a completely different threat to the environment, writes Dagens Næringsliv.

- This is one of the richest marine environments in the world. It is a massive, untouched ecosystem. There you will find every kind of marine life, including the great mammals. Risking it in some way, in an area that is climatically hostile and difficult to drill in, is not worth it, says Forrest to the newspaper and points out that the cost of any accident will be totally impossible to measure.

- It is not enough for the government to say that the company is independent of us. If something really goes wrong, the so-called independence collapses, he says.

Equinor spokesman Erik Haaland tells the newspaper that the drilling plans have created unusually large involvement both locally and in social media, but he believes many of the counter-arguments are weak.

- This is also not an unspoilt area. 13 wells have been drilled there earlier, and there is a lot of shipping traffic. It has been opened for petroleum activities for many years, says Haaland to DN, and points out that both the mayors and government representatives welcome the company.

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Great Australian Bight Alliance
Great news! Equinor's plans have made it to question time in Norwegian parliament. Kristoffer Robin Haug from the Norwegian Greens (Miljøpartiet de Grønne) asks Minster for Petroleum and Energy and Kjell-Børge Freiberg whether he will instruct Equinor, as a 67% state owned company, to withdraw from the Bight, and what an oil spill would do to Norway's reputation in Australia.

Video by Paul Richard Johannessen / Better Call Paul

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7 News Adelaide
There are calls for speed restrictions following a series of collisions involving boats and dolphins off our coastline.


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