In less than 7 days, submissions regarding the future of Smith Bay will CLOSE.

It is not too late. KI needs to show the State Government why KPT must find a better alternative.

We need to protect Smith Bay from a company that’s happy to destroy a Bay it knows very little about, no matter the cost.

The more voices object, the more united we will be to #SaveSmithBay.

It takes 30 seconds to lodge an official objection to KPT’s proposal at

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Before KPT came along, KI had a booming rural agriculture industry supporting more than 300 local KI jobs.

The plantations decimated a vibrant, diverse industry and took all those Kangaroo Island jobs with it.

And when it takes the trees this time, it will plant more. Again and again. No plans for farm land.

KPT promises its industrial seaport will bring 160 jobs to the Kangaroo Island economy, but only 20 for KI RESIDENTS!

Submit an objection NOW – make KPT accountable and turn up the heat for the SA Government.

Make every single one of these last days of public objections count!

Bring it home, KI.


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Thankyou AusOcean 💙💙💙The face you make when you realise the deep sea port proposal in Smith Bay involves the direct dredging of 15ha of seafloor ☹️ This means extensive habitat loss for many species of conservation concern including the Southern blue devil and Weedy sea dragon. You still have 8 days to respond to the proposal - it is not too late to have your voice heard 🌊💙

Follow this link>

You can also read our marine ecology report which documents the amazing diversity we surveyed in the bay 🐠🐠🐠 Be empowered to make a difference 🌊🐋

📸: Trek Hopton

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Our Facebook page has more than 1,500 likes. Our SSB petition received 525 signatures. How many objections will the SA Government receive?

KPT continues to claim its industrial Seaport proposal will not harm the Smith Bay environment or the people of Kangaroo Island… but they would say that.

They have shareholders’ interests first, not ours, not the future, and definitely not jobs and skills for KI!

We need MORE than 525 objections to ensure our voice is heard.

Have you submitted an objection? Have you told EVERYONE you know how important it is to submit their own?

It takes less than 30 seconds at

Spread the word far and wide – past KI, SA and even Australia.

The time is now KI – let’s show KPT who they are messing with! #SaveSmithBay.

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Reason #5 why we need to #SaveSmithBay.

Exotic marine pests and aquatic diseases in Smith Bay are inevitable if the SA Government approves KPT’s industrial Seaport.

KPT says it can keep risk at an “acceptable” level by adopting “rigorous biosecurity standards”, but there is no standard for what is “acceptable”. Who will implement the marine pest management program, who will police it – and who will pay when KPT compromises Smith Bay.

Introducing marine pests at Smith Bay is unacceptable.

We can’t let this happen to Smith Bay. Submit an objection now at to #SaveSmithBay from marine pest.

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Greenpeace Australia Pacific
🌊 Across the country, hundreds of thousands of Australians are standing up for our coastlines, beaches and futures. These people know that letting big oil companies plunder the Great Australian Bight for dirty oil is risky business. 🌊

This short documentary by Thunderbox Films tells the story of those on the frontline for the #fightforthebight.

Will you join them? Email your local MP and make sure they know we don't want oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight >>

Thanks to the Surfrider Foundation and Frontline Action on Coal.

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This video is about Kangaroo Island resident's fight to stop oil exploration in the Great Australian Bight ...

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The EIS outlines a range of potential routes for KPT’s proposed A-double and B-double trucks, all of which directly affect KI’s residents.

These road trains will be barreling along these routes every 22 minutes in BOTH DIRECTIONS, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That’s 130 trucks EVERY DAY!

If KPT’s industrial Seaport is approved, KI residents living on or anywhere near any of these roads WILL be affected.

How can KPT claim their proposal won’t have an impact on KI residents?

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