12th Birthday Celebration Survey 194 on KI Marine Adventures at  Dashwood Bay

……..And no time for Blogs!

What a busy but fantastic start to 2018!

Fantastic help, support and enthusiasm plus a whole sequence of events have all created a very busy but exciting and fruitful 5 months. Monthly surveys with community volunteers in our region on our wonderful Ecotourism partners Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures http://www.kimarineadventures.com.au and The Big Duck http://www.thebigduck.com.au – 5 on KI and 6 in Victor Harbor, underpinned by regular land base monitoring at specific sites, plus compiling increasing amounts of brilliant community data input, keep us all busy, generating staggering amounts of data for analysis and cataloguing. 12 “Engine Room” workshops in the region including a fantastic media training with wonderful Lance Librandi of Digiview Productions were productive and enjoyable, as always.

Presentations at the inspiring 2nd Australian Citizen Science Conference in Adelaide  – “What IS it about dolphins?” in February, Aldinga Library, Inman Valley Catchment Landcare group and Whyalla City Council in April, were all  well received.

Birthday celebrations on surveys on our magnificent Eco tourism partners were a treat! Celebrating our 12th KI Birthday on KI Marine Adventures on March 8th at beautiful Dashwood Bay on the North Coast and 7th VH Birthday on The Big Duck  on April 18th in wonderful Encounter Bay.

Special company in ABC journalist Alina Eacott and cameraman Glen on the 7th BD resulted in fantastic ABC News coverage of the event and the project generally, for which we are truly grateful.

The first of our 2018 IFAW National Whale Day surveys in the region took place this week on KI Marine Adventures in the beautiful Encounter Marine Park Sponge Gardens, celebrating with our small toothed whales – Common Bottlenose dolphins, with our second celebration later this month on The Big Duck in Victor Harbor, hopefully with the larger whales, now appearing in the wonderful Encounter Bay Whale Sanctuary.

Now…. down to basics!  Ongoing funding submissions and pursuits plus data editing, collation, analysis and summaries, working to make the data meaningful and accessible for protection and conservation purposes.

And…. more regular Blogs!

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Happy World Oceans Day….and Happy World Environment Day for the 5th!

5th Birthday Celebration Survey 86 on The Big Duck in Encounter Bay