“Citizen Science in Action” presentation at the Oyster Shed, American River

15th Islands of the World Conference on Kangaroo Island

Dolphin Watch was fortunate to make two presentations during the 15th ISISA Islands of the World Conference on Kangaroo Island in July – one an academic paper “What IS it about dolphins?” in the Nurturing the Human Spirit strand, and the second an overview of the program and its spread, to the assembled field trip delegates as part of the “KI Marine Environment” lunch time sessions in the Oyster Shed at American River. Both were well received and will possibly lead to similar initiatives being developed elsewhere, notably Tasmania.

The enjoyable conference overall was uplifting and inspiring and it was good to see KI and all is has to offer “strutting the world stage.”

Special thanks to all our sponsors, supporters and volunteers for their efforts and in particular volunteer / photographer Peter Fuller for his wonderful video imagery which received wide acclaim.

Hearty congratulations to the wonderful Conference organisers and committee members for all your hard work bringing the whole enterprise to fruition so successfully.

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“What IS it about dolphins?” paper presentation – Nurturing the Human Spirit strand