Artist / photographer Peter Fuller with “Submariner”

The magnificent beauty of Kangaroo Island’s marine environment and the dolphins that live within has been highlighted between January 27th – February 24th by long term stalwart Dolphin Watch volunteer Peter Fuller’s fascinating debut exhibition Wild and Free at wonderful Fine Art Kangaroo Island.

His stunning images on metal of these iconic sentient beings, showcase not only Pete’s extraordinary skills as an artist and photographer but also the pristine nature of the marine habitat and the biodiversity that abounds.

This solo exhibition in the main gallery of Fine Art Kangaroo Island, has been well received with huge crowds at the opening and great attendance since. Exceptional feedback from Australian and overseas visitors attests to Pete’s technical expertise and artistry, as well as feedback from fellow photographers complimenting the works as outstanding.

The strength of the underlying message “Wild and Free” could not have been better exemplified and the conservation message resoundingly amplified by these wonderfully presented inspiring, uplifting and soul restoring glimpses into these delightful non human persons’ wonderful world…..
May you forever remain wild and free …and safe in your stunning, pristine habitat, so in need of protection.

WILD & FREE Collection, the title and the images, originated for me from my first outing as a volunteer with KI/VH Dolphin Watch. Seeing nature in its natural environment had me focus outside of my own troubles at the time.

I found it very therapeutic and freeing and found myself in an almost meditative state witnessing these magnificent creatures wild and free.

We have something very special here on Kangaroo Island and we need to look after it for future generations. Such biodiversity and eco systems, a true heaven on earth.”

Catalogue extract in Pete’s words.

If unable to personally enjoy and be inspired by this remarkable and unique exhibition of large format high resolution metal prints, framed photographs on paper and smaller matted images in its closing days, please contact Curator Fleur Peters to view a delightful e-catalogue.     T +61 (8) 85530448

Love and gratitude to dear Pete, Fleur, Fred, Leon…….and the dolphins!

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Hon. Leon Bignell MP, Fine Art Kangaroo Island’s Fleur and Fred Peters and artist / photographer Peter Fuller on opening night Jan. 27th 2019

Hon. Leon Bignell MP congratulates artist / photographer Peter Fuller after opening the exhibition Jan. 27th 2019