What IS it about dolphins? Is it their fluid beauty, enigmatic “smile”, remarkable intelligence and adaption to environments…..or is it something even more wonderful and mystifying?

Deified by ancient civilizations and indigenous cultures, these non human persons epitomise the best of natural experiences in the marine world which is so mysterious and prepossessing to humankind. Perhaps it is this – they lead us down to the sea and provide a pathway for extraordinary interactions in the oceans of the world.

Is it because they appear spiritual and sentient to some or playful and fun loving to others…..or something quite different? Maybe it is much more fundamental and simple – they make us feel good. As the vast majority of us benefit from interactions with them, the question is answered in the value they bring to our lives.

This forthcoming book of stories regarding a broad spectrum of people from all walks of life describing connections or interactions with dolphins, goes at least part way in answering the question proferred in the title. In a remarkable feat of generosity, goodwill and support from many representatives of the world’s communities, the authors are bringing together heart warming and illuminating writings, images and art work. From a retired sheet metal worker / truckie / photographer to world leading scientists, from world renowned artists to volunteer researchers, contributors are endeavouring to answer the question, reflecting their individuality and the meaning that dolphins bring to their lives.

It seems the answer is as individual as the writers themselves, and it is in this fact that the strength of the relationships formed lies.

What IS it about dolphins? Perhaps they bring out the best in us and in so doing provide us with hope for the future, and isn’t that a good thing and something for which we should be eternally grateful?

Love and gratitude to all the wonderful contributors ….and to the dolphins of the world.