Indonesian exchange students enjoying the Dolphin Watch field survey November 24th 2011

University students from across Indonesia on Kangaroo Island as part of an Australian-Indonesian Youth Exchange Programme, coordinated by Kangaroo Island Community Education and supported by Regional Development Australia and the Kangaroo Island Council, enjoyed participating in field surveys to North Cape onThursday 24th November.

The first group handled the trying conditions with considerable aplomb and kept up consistently high quality research effort, in spite of blustery conditions and sea sickness. 8 dolphins rewarded their persistence with a series of close encounters initiated by the curious dolphins. The second group experienced even more luck with over 20 dolphins putting on a high speed fishing display by the South Beacon. The trip home yielded even greater reward when a 15 metre Humpback Whale frolicked in the channel in close proximity to “Island Explorer” for 20 minutes, before heading out to sea. A rare but incredibly awe inspiring and uplifting experience for all onboard and due compensation for the challenging weather conditions which prevailed.

Sincere thanks to the Indonesian students and coordinator Kris Hondow for their brilliant help and support.

“Doing Dolphin Watch was lovely and best experience in my life. Can’t wait for other chance! Thankyou.”  Mahmud

“Thankyou very much for WDCS that arranged our group and gave us a chance to watch dolphins, seal and also whale. It was wonderful journey. I got a lot of experience and absolutely insight about wild dolphins, their habits and habitat.”     Ni Made Dian