Enya, Anna and Keisha celebrate the 101st field survey amongst the dolphins at Dashwood Bay. Image courtesy of Neill Bell

The 101st field survey saw a return to Dashwood Bay after some months absence due to weather conditions. As always it provided a delightful experience for all onboard with 18 bottlenose appearing in close proximity, displaying considerable interest in the survey crew. We were delighted to welcome onboard students from Investigator College who are involved in the Victor Harbor Dolphin Watch programme on the mainland. For Joseph and Danny it was a very different experience to the one they are used to, with totally different sea conditions to those experienced in Encounter Bay. Calm conditions and good visibility allowed for excellent data collection and observation.

A celebration lunch followed at project sponsors and supporters Aurora Ozone Hotel, concluding a great day with an enthusiastic crew and a number of animals recorded, including some new identifications for the expanding catalogue. The 100th field survey took place with Lameroo Schools enjoying their 5th annual KI Dolphin Watch experience on 28th October with very different weather conditions! 28 field surveys have taken place in 2011 to date, with the amount of data awaiting editing and cataloguing expanding accordingly.