KI Dolphin Watch Roundtable Presentation July 20th 2011

The Kangaroo Island Dolphin Watch model was well received at the 6th World Environmental Education Congress in Brisbane from 19th -24th July. It was showcased as part of a series of roundtable presentations and garnered wide spread interest. The Congress attracted over 700 delegates from 50 different countries and is the premier event of its type in the world.KI Dolphin Watch Coordinator Tony Bartram together with his wife Phyll, presented a Power Point presentation, paper and resources highlighting the curriculum relevance of the programme and the outstanding benefits it brings to students and community members alike. The global conservation work of WDCS and the enhanced protection for the dolphins offered by Dolphin Watch programmes was a major focus. Keen interest in particular was shown by the Swan River Guardians project in WA and dynamic Project Officer Marnie Giroud is keen to continue the collaborative liason, to assist with their efforts to establish their excellent programme in schools.

On the last day of the Congress delegates elected to participate in field trips and the chance to possibly see migrating whales from North Stradbroke Island was a major influence in the choice made by the KI delegates. Unfortunately no whales blessed them with their presence but the local “Straddie” dolphins put on a show for the lucky ferry passengers and again from clifftop vantage points.The Congress was an absolutely stunning and amazing event; an absolute credit to the organisers and participants. The next Congress will be held in Marrakech, Morocco in 2013 and KI Dolphin Watch have been invited to attend – only time will tell!