Kangaroo Island / Victor Harbor Dolphin Watch is absolutely thrilled, delighted and overjoyed to welcome on board wonderful journalist, environmentalist and dolphin champion Melody Horrill as our inspiring ambassador for the project.


She brings with her a tremendous wealth of experience in and passion for dolphin conservation and advocacy.

Bottlenose dolphin Ellisa and Calf Mel named after Melody in April 2023 at North Cape, Kangaroo Island (a “Melody” already exists in the catalogues!)

Melody is co-chair of the Jane Goodall Institute’s Cetacean Committee, author and award-winning broadcast journalist who is well-known for her passionate writing and filming about science and the environment.


Dr Jane Goodall with “The Dolphin Who Saved Me”

Her documentary about Adelaide’s Port River dolphins aired nationally and across the world on CNN. She has spent decades lobbying for the protection of Adelaide’s dolphins and their habitat, most recently through the publication of her memoir, ‘A Dolphin Called Jock’. Her book was published across Australia and New Zealand last year and recently released as ‘The dolphin who saved me’ across the UK, US and Canada.

Through her work with the Goodall Cetacean Committee, she continues to fight for better protection of marine mammals world-wide.

International Express Article Oct. 18th 2023

Our heartfelt gratitude with boatloads of love from us and the dolphins.

An inspirational, delightful Zoom > Messenger Meeting with our wonderful Ambassador!
We are so excited to show our wonderful Ambassador the Kangaroo Island dolphins and their critical habitats in 2024!
Cheers to you dear Melody….and THANKYOU for everything! XOX

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