Data analysis at the Youth Connect Workshop September 3rd 2012

The Youth Connect SA Works Dolphin Watch project which commenced on July 23rd, continues to go from strength to strength, with alternating weekly field surveys and workshops. The project managed by Regional Development Australia is funded by the Commonwealth and State Governments, linking young people with older community volunteers.
A fascinating workshop with Gary Bell of KI Digicam has resulted in a greater understanding of how to obtain quality video footage and editing to best effect with products improving in quality and impact accordingly. Migratory Wildlife Networks Geoff Prideaux’s workshop on data entry on the website created great excitement when he demonstrated the API mapping tools he has created. A world first application with considerable wow factor and readily adopted as a project by Nina and Sharon in particular. An absolutely stunning result.
The introduction of three new enthusiastic students recently, Jayden, Thomas and James, has boosted research activity and analysis, movie editing etc. Skipper Andrew’s work with the new students and Ellis is outstanding, equipping them with a broad range of skills and experiences in employability in boating and marine services.
A wonderful community Citizen Science project highly valued and thoroughly enjoyed by all.