Lameroo Schools onboard Phil Robinson’s cray boat October 19th 2012

Lameroo Regional District Schools participated in field survey research effort for the sixth year in succession on October 19th. As in previous years Phil Robinson ferried the students and accompanying adults out to North Cape on board his cray fishing boat. Andrew Neighbour of Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures then took the group, half at a time to North Cape proper and around to Cloud Bay in search of the local dolphin pod. The combined efforts were rewarded with good sightings in reasonable conditions, with the second group in particular experiencing a brilliant up close encounter with approximately 18 dolphins over an extended period. The data obtained is invaluable and the efforts of the students were remarkable, particularly given the high levels of excitement the dolphin observations generated. A great experience again for all involved and a credit to the Lameroo visitors, and another brilliant effort by Andrew, Phil and crew. Special thanks to teacher Maureen Steinborner for her fantastic long term interest and support.