Kangaroo Island Dolphin Watch commenced Victor Harbor Dolphin Watch in April 2011 with SA Whale Centre volunteers and Investigator College staff and students. Operating collaboratively with Kangaroo Island Dolphin Watch with NRM Community Grant funding, it has achieved extraordinary outcomes through successful regional cooperation. Through involvement and support of “Friends of the SA Whale Centre”, a site-based network undertaking regular observations, underpinning boat-based field surveys has been established. It will yield much needed data regarding frequency and range of movements and connectivity. As dolphins in the region are at risk due to human impact and intensive boating activity, development of public awareness and community education is an imperative.

The Friends of the South Australian Whale Centre is a hard working enthiastic Community group dedicated to supporting marine and Cetacean conservation in South Australia. The group engages in a range of social and fundraising activities, and raises awareness of current research and conservation efforts. To support the Victor Harbor Dolphin Watch project the Friends of the SA Whale Centre launched an exciting local Adopt a Dolphin Programme in June 2012, which is going from strength to strength.

Cost of the adoption is $20 per annum, for which participants receive an adoption certificate and a photo of the dolphin selected via electronic transfer, with emailed updates throughout the year on the dolphin’s activities. Hard copies of photos and certificates are available for an extra $10 to cover printing, postage and handling.

Dolphins up for adoption from the Victor Harbor Dolphin Watch catalogue are 001 Flap, 007 Scapa, 008 Sushi, 009M Bob, 011 Tango, 024M Neptune, 026 Katie Marie and 070 Pip.

For further information and an Adopt a Dolphin form please visit www.friends.sawhalecentre.com, email friends@sawhalecentre.com vhdolphins@bigpond.com or phone 0400724762.

Congratulations, well done and thankyou Nedra Haines and the Friends of the SA Whale Centre!!