033F Elva & Juvenile 026 Lisa Marie January 9th 2012

KI Dolphin Watch were delighted to host Richard Wylie and his wife Deb on a recent field survey during their Kangaroo Island visit. Richard, an eminent Marine Biologist, teacher and accomplished, award winning photographer, was able to provide many superb underwater images which are helping considerably to establish individual identities plus pairings and groupings within the North Cape pod. Richard is a member of the IUCN Education Committee and the IUCN Commission on Protected Areas. Deb and Richard are in the process of establishing a Science Research Centre on Eukafa Island in Tonga and are exploring the Dolphin Watch project as a means of addressing some of the issues related to Whale Watching in Tonga – an area of considerable concern. A most beneficial long term collaboration for protection of Cetaceans is emerging. It was an immense pleasure to work with such enthusiastic committed people who are passionate advocates for the protection of the marine environment and ocean literacy, and are providing invaluable help, support, energy and inspiration to our project. Thankyou Rich and Deb!!!