Kids Teaching Kids Conference Team on a field survey October 19th 2011

Students from the three campuses of Kangaroo Island Community Education presented workshops to groups of 30 + students from all around Australia at the national River Health Conference in Adelaide last week.

Supported by teachers Jennie Teasdale and Dan Grieves, student leader and long term KI Dolphin Watcher Kaitlin Taylor of Kingscote led the team consisting of James and Belinda from Penneshaw Campus, Jorrelie and Ryan from Parndana Campus and Emily from Kingscote Campus, through the fantastic enriching experience these conferences provide.

The KICE students demonstrated the matching of photographs of individual dolphins’ dorsal fins to the KI Dolphin Watch ID catalogue and the complexities involved in using this unobtrusive but labour intensive technique, recording patterns of dolphin movement and behaviour, while also monitoring the habitat and recording environmental data. They also ran quizzes and games to raise awareness and expand knowledge about dolphins, which surprisingly are listed as data deficient on IUCN lists. Congratulations and thankyou to all concerned for your fantastic work!!!