Dr Mike Bossley AM 's Science Week Presentation - explanation of tailwalking

A good crowd attended the National Science Week event on Thursday 18th August at the superb Aurora Ozone Hotel Conference Centre to listen to speakers Dr Mike Bossley AM and Juliet Shrimpton. The “Tracking Cetaceans for Conservation” theme saw Mike; a global Cetacean expert and mentor of KI Dolphin Watch, talk about the culture of learning and communication in the animal world and with respect to Bottlenose dolphins in particular. Juliet followed to inform the crowd about the role of Marine Mammal Observers in relation to seismic testing, and the limitations of this role. These presentations were both particularly pertinent given recent observations of the dolphin behaviour of tailwalking on Kangaroo Island and the likely possibility of seismic testing beginning on oil and gas exploration leases off the Western end of the island. The delicious supper provided by the Aurora Ozone allowed the opportunity for community members to discuss issues raised with the speakers. A number of audience members joined other community members on a field survey with Mike and Juliet, hosted by Adult Community Education and KICE students on Friday morning and even drizzly conditions did not dampen their spirits and enthusiasm. Eleven dolphins were observed and new identifications made at a number of sites from South Beacon to North Cape. KI Dolphin Watch would like to thank the exceptional speakers, KI Dolphin Watch partners and supporters; WDCS, KI Marine Adventures, KI Sealink, the Aurora Ozone Hotel, KINRMB and DENR, and Phil and Craig Robinson, and all participants for their support. A South Australian Community Grant through the Department for Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology made the event possible, supporting National Science Week events to demonstrate the significance of a community approach to highlighting the importance of Science.